Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bermuda Tikon Aur Dajjal (by Molana Asim Umar)

The book is written by Molana Asim Umer and I highly appreciate the way he portrays all his thoughts regarding the book's topic. The main contents of the book are Bermuda Triangle, Dragons Triangle and UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects). Book consists of four sections - having different incidents discussed in each section. The list shows the main points discussed in each section

Section I:

Incidents that have been placed in Bermuda & Dragons Triangles
Events where UFO's are clearly seen
Relation between Dragons & Bermuda Triangles
UFO's and their riders (aliens or human beings)
Contact between Dajjal and the world

Section II:

Troubles and Riots before Dajjal
Dajjal-Iran Relation
New World Order
Nostradamus Predictions before Dajjal
Catholic Church and Dajjal

Section III:

Power of Dajjal in Middle East and Asia
World's Feedback to Dajjal

Section IV:

In which Era we are ?
Mujahideen's and their work in Iraq-Afghan Wars
Identifications of Imam Mehdi
Enmity of Dajjal's Powers with Mujahideens. Why?

Bermuda Triangle Disappearances:

A huge list of ships and aircraft is available that got disappeared in both the Triangles. The List is as follows:

Ellen Austin: The Ellen Austin was a cargo ship that was sailing on a southern route from New York City to London in 1881, when it came across a deserted schooner, adrift in the sea. The captain of the Ellen Austin ordered a skeleton crew from his own ship to sail the schooner to London alongside the Ellen Austin. However, the two ships were separated by a sudden, but brief storm and the schooner was never seen again. While this is a famous Triangle story, many have pointed to the inconsistencies that are evident when tracing the historic sources of the story.

USS Cyclops: The incident of the USS Cyclops resulted in the single largest loss of life in the history of the U.S. Navy not related to combat. Under the command of Lieutenant Commander
G. W. Worley, the USS Cyclops went missing without a trace sometime after March 4, 1918, after departing the island of Barbados. The ship and 306 crew and passengers were never recovered. There is no strong evidence to support any particular reason for this event. Storms, capsizing, and enemy activity have all been suggested as explanations.

Flight 19: Perhaps the most famous of all Bermuda Triangle stories is of Flight 19, a training
flight of TBM Avenger bombers that went missing on December 5, 1945, while over the Atlantic. Under the leadership of an experienced pilot, Lt. Charles Carroll Taylor, the routine bombing mission became anything but routine about an hour and half into the flight. Taylor radioed that his compass was not working and that he was lost. For almost ten hours, Taylor and his squadron attempted to fly north to find land, but for whatever reason could not. Eventually all radio communication was lost and search planes were sent out, one of which went missing as well.
The incident was widely reported in the press, and is sometimes attributed to the genesis of the modern interest in the Bermuda Triangle.

Douglas DC-3: On December 28, 1948, a Douglas DC-3 aircraft, number NC16002, disappeared while on a flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Miami, Florida. No trace of the aircraft or the 32 people on-board was ever found.

Star Tiger and Star Ariel: The Avro Tudor IV passenger aircraft Star Tiger and Star Ariel disappeared without trace en route to Bermuda and Jamaica, respectively. Star Tiger was lost on January 30, 1948, on a flight from the Azores to Bermuda. Star Ariel was lost on January 17, 1949, on a flight from Bermuda to Kingston, Jamaica. Neither aircraft gave out a distress call; in fact, their last messages were routine and both had calm flying weather.

USS Scorpion: The nuclear-powered submarine USS Scorpion was lost on May 26, 1968, south of the Azores while in transit home to Norfolk, Virginia, after a six-month deployment. The Scorpion has been picked up by numerous writers (including Berlitz, Spencer, and Thomas-Jeffery) as a Triangle victim over the years.

Many and many of other ships and aircrafts are the victims of these deadly triangles.

One important thing that is noted here is that most of the incidents are takes place with some military ships and planes also the people's that are gone disappeared (kidnapped) by someone are experts of their fields of interests.

The writer wants to explain that even the disappearance of hundreds and hundreds of scientists and experts with latest technology planes and ships (of that time), why the super powers of this world are failed to do any research on this particular topic (or are they ordered to be keep quite on this topic ?).

Are UFO's really exists ?

This is still one of the biggest misunderstanding in this world that whether these UFO's really exists or not. Thousands of reports and millions of eye witnesses still marks a question for this particular existence.

In July 1952 fourteen UFO's made low-level passes on the white house building. The images of these UFO's are caught on radar by the military jets but when they sent up to investigate the UFO's got disappeared and reappeared later. Thousands of calls came in from public with some silly replies.

According to the counting of 2008, their are around 3500 reports submitted related to UFO's - with no actions.

Writer want to say that these UFO's exists in this world and the people in these UFO's are also humans of this world. The question is - from where they come from ?

According to the book, these UFO's comes out from the sea of Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's Triangle. Whenever these UFO's wants to come out or go inside of the sea the environment goes changed and lots of Clouds came upon the sky (having to reason).

Another thing is that, if this really is true than who is the person behind all this. Who is the one managing all these activities and why he/she is hiding under the sea in his own world. And "is this person also wants to make this whole world same as according to his desires". Is the group under this person is the most strongest of this world -- much stronger than America, British, China... -- having enhanced technology that is 200-300 years far from this world. Is the super power working on his orders. All the political decisions that takes place on this earth are his orders. Is that person is Dajjal ?

Different political issue of current times are also discussed in this book - that makes every one to think that from where all these decisions comes from. And most of them are against Muslims and in favor of Non-Muslims. Why one wants to destroy all the Muslims of this world - What he wants if he achieve his goal - Why all the media of this world portrays the Muslims is such a negative manner - Why Muslims are forced to be dependent on Yahudi's (World Bank and many other organizations).

Many and many questions came into mind after reading this book that are still un-answered. Read this book and share your research on this topic


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Champions League Twenty20 2009

At the end of Champions League 2009, it is again an Australian side leading the tournament in great style. The final was between New South Wales (Australian League) and Trinidad & Tobago (West-Indian League). With the starred performance by Brett Lee, NSW beat T&T to win inaugural champions league Twenty20.

T&T should should not be disheartened at having lost the final, their only defeat of the tournament. The inexperience team of Daren Ganga have few expectations of performing in such a manner.

For me it is T&T, one of the most unexpected performer of this League. Reaching the finals and beating the well reknown league teams makes it the best team of the tournament (but not the champions). If one looks at the current situation of Westindies International no one can expect that one of WI's league team becomes such an impressive performer of tournament.

The team is a mixture of some international players (Ganga, Bravo, Simmons, Rampaul, Ramdin, Pollard) and some new faces. And the thing is that they are performing well. The new faces of opening pair are succesfull in providing solid opening stands in most of the matches.

All these T&T players that are not well re known before this tournament, but definitely become much more popular after this. They are expected to be the part of other leagues like IPL of current times.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bermuda-Tikon Aur Dajjal

I am Reading "Bermuda-Tikon Aur Dajjal" by Molana Asim Umer these days.

Book contains unbelievable points on Dajjal -- related to Bermuda-Triangle, Devils-Triangle & UFO's ... I have never ever think/heard this before.

Do read this book !! (Download Book)

Will have a Post on this Book in the future.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blog's Code

Some custom tags that I use in my Blog

I use this tag for Code Snippets

FreeMarker: Functions & Macros

FreeMarker allows you to define Functions and Macros in ftl's as well.

Functions <#function>:


  • In FM you can define a function using a simple syntax as follows:
<#function functionName param1 param2>

  • Here "functionName" is the name of a function and param* shows the parameters that can be passed into the function
Calling Function:
  • To call a function in ftl's following syntax is used: (Consider the same function definition as define in the 'Syntax')
${functionName(param1Val, param2Val)}

  • The <#return> directive is not mandatory in functions. You can use <#return> any where in the function. Calling a <#return> exits from a function. If no such directive is used it will executes the whole function.

Macros <#macro>:

  • Syntax for <#macro> is almost same as <#function>. The name & parameters of macro are define in the same way as in the functions:
<#macro macroName param1 param2>

Calling Macro:
  • Calling a <#macro> is done by using "@" directive. Macro is itself a user-defined directive.
<@macroName param1=param1Val param2=param2Val/>

  • Macros can perform recursion (calling Macro inside Macro).
  • The recursion is same as done in normal functions.
  • Recursion Syntax:
<#macro macroName param1 param2>

<@macroName param1=param1Val param2=param2Val/>

< /#macro>


Saturday, October 10, 2009

ICC Champions Trophy 2009

Its around a week now that the mini world cup of ICC has been concluded and successfully ensures the importance of ODI's in International Cricket. Thanks to South Africa Management hard work.

The whole tournament was perfectly arranged and can be said as the Best ICC Champions Trophy Tournament ever. All the teams are highly motivated (due to new players in almost every team) and crowd was awesome (as it is always been in South Africa).

Australia winning their second consecutive ICC CT tournament has played the best of cricket as compared to all other teams. Australia haven't able to perform with their standards from last one year and lost series against South Africa and the Ashes (making their rank down to 3rd). Winning this tournament makes them number 1 again.

If we look at the results of whole tournament we can see some surprises in this tournament as well. A cricket "BIG TOURNAMENT" + "SURPRISE", a team came into mind is South Africa (the hosts). From last 3 or 4 tournaments they are giving surprises by failing badly in a big tournaments.

The star players of this tournament also includes some new names. From the batting point of view these players have performed their job really well:

Ricky Ponting: (Australia)

Shane Watson: (Australia)
Greame Smith: (South Africa)

Paul Collingwood: (England)

Mohammed Yousuf: (Pakistan)

And we look at the bowling end we can have the following pictures in mind:

Parnell: (South Africa)

Stuart broad: (England)
Kay Mills: (Newzealand)
Saeed Ajmal: (Pakistan)

Ashish Nehra: (India)

NO Australian's. You can find PM Siddle (Austraila) at number 10, strange.

Players that have played the best innings and bowled brilliantly are yet to discussed.


Development Using FreeMarker

If you are developing your application using freemarker, it is necessary for you to learn its syntax - to create FM templates.

I have faced some issues while building templates using FM and also learned the right way to use freemarker syntax.

Following are some points that I have go through while using freemarker:

Passing Beans to Templates instead of Lists:

In my case it is suitable for be to create a Java Bean and pass its object to templates. I was sending my data in the form of Lists previously but it is causing some problems as well as making things complex.

The structure in which the data is stored in the list is the biggest issue. What I have to do is to create a menu that can have n-numbers of sub-menus and each sub-menu can have n-numbers of their sub-menus. Getting really mixed up using lists. Now I have created a bean to handle my menus. Bean looks like as follows:

class MenuBean {

String title;
String url;
List children;

If condition and null object identification:

To handle conditional statements it is quite easy in freemarker. The "IF" condition can easily be applied any where with <#if> clause. One thing to remember here is that the closing tags are must for most of freemarker tags. So when the conditional tag ends also has to placed. Just like brackets open and closed.

Identification of empty list or null can also if done by <#if> tag. The syntax is a bit cheeky but it works. The statement "<#if yourList??>" verifies that their exists some element inside "yourList" and is not null, so it enter into the condition.

foreach tag:

Iterating through a list can also be done in freemarker. A simple <#foreach> tag is provided to iterate a list.

The sytax for foreach tag is also simple:

<#foreach element in yourList>

Here element is just an alias of your list that can be used to access the properties or values inside youList.

yourList is the name of list.

list tag:

List tag is also used to iterate any list. It can also be used as a "for loop".

To iterate a list using <#list> following syntax is used:

<#list yourList as x>

If you want to used <#list> to work as a for loop, you have to use it as follows:

<#list 1..10 as x>

The <#list> will loop from 1 to 10 and ends.

Click this Link for FreeMarker #Functions and #Macros