Saturday, August 31, 2013

Quran with Urdu Ta-laf-fuz and Urdu Translation

Quran Asan Tehreek has come up with some great ideas to make the Quran-e-Hakim reading/understanding easily and correctly. I got very impressed with one of there ideas of Urdu Tal-laf-fuz of Quran-e-Hakim. This will make it quite easy for those who can read Urdu but not Arabic.

Quran Asan Tehrik has, compiled  translation of Quran-e-Hakim in two colors, the Arabic word written in a colour bears it’s meaning in the same colour, the text and the translation go side-by-side together on a page, making it extremely easy to ascertain which Arabic word means what. This method provides  the reader an easy understanding of the Arabic as a language and also builds up potential of the reader to comprehend Quran-e-Hakim directly without the aid of any exterior help.

Look at the sample page:


Friday, August 30, 2013

My experience @ RIKSOF

In this post I am going to mention my experience at 'RIKSOF Private Limited' where I have worked for around 2 years as a 'Senior Java Developer'.

Before starting I would like to mention one thing i.e. all the points are solely based on my own working experience at RIKSOF, :)

Learning Curve: You can learn a lot of new technologies here. Most of the developers working here have hands-on experience on at least two different technologies. You can get a chance to work on multiple platforms (Java, .Net, iOS, Android) and use different operating systems (Ubuntu, Mac, Windows). Due to 'project based' nature of company you will also be learning different domains based on what type of project you will get.

Staff: From CEO to Peon you can find a really nice and cooperative staff in RIKSOF. All of them are very helpful and always ready to support you whenever needed.

Picnic and Parties: This is something very common in RIKSOF. There is a quarterly Picnic/Dinner from company (location decided by employees). Apart from that the staff members are very keen to arrange Lunch, Dinner, Refreshments etc whenever possible. A separate well maintained planner is also available for this called 'Mangaloo Planner'.

Physical Environment: Talk about the building first that will definitely attract any one who sees it first time. The interior designs and building architecture is very impressive as compared to other office buildings in overall Karachi. The office from inside is also nicely designed. It has been designed by the interior designers that gives the creative look of office. The sitting area is also good (though not have the cubicles) with nice view outside the building.

Two day weekend: This is something that is quite common now but I liked it because in my previous company I have to work on alternative Saturdays.

Timings: There is no restriction on timings in RIKSOF. You just have to complete your task and leave. Some people come at 7 am and leave at 4 pm. My timing is mostly from 11 am to 8 pm.

Yearly Bonus: At the end of each year you will get the yearly bonus equals your salary. This is the actual saving that you can make the whole year.

Fuel Card: PSO card is provided by company which has limit up to 3000 rupees. The limit is ok for those who travel on bikes but very low for them who are on cars. But I will count it as positive because something is better than nothing :)

Salary on Time: You will get your salary on time

Some Good Memories:

Distance: Its too far from my home. I have to drive 55 km daily to cover home-office-home.

Technology Switching: In software houses mostly a person hired on technology has to work on the same technology or may be switch to a different flavor of it (for example Java EE switching to Android development). But in RIKSOF it can be possible that your designation is Java developer but you work on iOS application and the same case is with me. Most of times it doesn't feels good that you have to work on technologies that you haven't work on previously and you have to meet all deadlines as well.

Very tight deadlines: Project deadlines are very tight and its quite tough to meet the timelines and complete project on time. In span of two years I can see only two projects that completes on time else all are delayed.

No Work-Life Balance: To meet tight deadlines it becomes quite difficult to balance the work with your daily life. Most of the developers in RIKSOF has to do late sitting.

Project Base Development: You will feel sometimes that your job is not safe when you see that company doesn't have a project on which you can work on. Same situation comes to me as well when there are no Java or Android projects in company and I have only one option to switch to iOS projects.

Timings: I have also mentioned this in GOOD part of RIKSOF but there is also bad in it. To balance work with daily life I have tried several times to come early in office and leave early from office but have failed in not more than two days. If I reach office at 9 am and still have to leave at 9 pm due to work then I think there should be some strictness on timing i.e. to come earlier than 10 am or not to stay at office more than 8 pm.