Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wasted whole Day in FreeMaarker Issue

Yesterday I was trying to configure FreeMarker and CustomTags in a single application. No problems in CustomTags but I have wasted my whole day in getting the FreeMarker's Template path.

I was constantly getting the following error "javax.servlet.ServletException: Error:IOException while writing to clientTemplate firstftl.ftl not found." and the day ends. That was really frustating for me ;(

Some of my colleagues also tried their luck, but in vain !. Before leaving my desk at the day end I have posted this issue on FreeMarker Forum and left.

Today I have got the hint from that forum about the Templates Classpath to be set somewhere in properties file or xml's. After googling a bit I have found that I forgot to set the Template Path property in FreeMarker Configuration.

Its working fine now ... started my day with a little success :)


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