Monday, March 7, 2011

Dinner at Ambala Corniche

"Ambala" is a newly opened restaurant near sea view - Clifton, Karachi. In comparison with other restaurants on the same street (including Sajjad, Afridi Inn, Hot Bite etc)  "Ambala" is the most well managed and also have a pleasing environment.

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Zeeshan Khan said...

I had a chance of dining at ambala corniche the newly built restaurant near sajjad in phase 8.From the ambience it is made to easily grab peoples attention and attract them towards it. It seems all the money has been spent on the exterior only as the management seems inexperienced and care free.
Eating out, especially at an expensive restaurant and getting awful food and service is very frustrating to say the least. The food was stale and had no taste in it..What a waste of money it was.
A friendly advice to everyone ,refrain from trying out ambala corniche.

Rizwan Ahmed said...

@Zeeshan I am planning to have another visit to Ambala. I have visited there 6 months ago when Ambala was newly opened and that was a good experience for me.

Anonymous said...

This past weekend, my family and I had a VERY wonderful experience at Ambala Corniche. The food was amazing and sooo fresh! It was worth the wait (20-25mins) since it was the weekend crowd. Our waiter was very experienced and made sure he catered to our needs and wants.
I would recommend anyone visiting Karachi whether they are locals/ tourists/ or travelers, to check out the beautiful restaurant. Next time If I have guests coming from out of town, I am definitely taking them here... Good atmosphere! :)

Anonymous said...

The official Website of Ambala Corniche is:
The official Page on Facebook is: