Friday, September 20, 2013

A Step Forward - Working abroad now !

After working for more than six years in different software companies of Pakistan, now its time to move forward and accept the opportunity to work abroad. This is my first experience to work overseas and live without family. I hope I will settle in the new environment soon.

I moved to Bahrain in mid August 2013 and joined a software company 01 Systems WLL (ZOS).

"Since its establishment in 1986, 01 Systems has become a pioneer in implementing complex, customized software solutions coupled with comprehensive professional services like Consultancy and Systems Integration to successfully optimize core business processes."
The company is established in the same year when I was born. With over 25 years of services in software industry the company is well established and has solid software products in market. It is a good chance for me to work on these large scale products and add my experience to them as well.

I hope everything will go smoothly and this will become a worthy experience in my career.