Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Experience of Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu

In my last post I have write some very basic and initial points related to MongoDB. That was my initial observation of what MongoDB is and what are its basic features.

This article does not contains the detailed step by step tutorial of how to install MongoDB on Ubuntu. There are already lots of articles available on the installation of MongoDB on Ubuntu &Windows operating systems. In this post I am going to write my experience of Installing MongoDB on Ubuntu.

There are two common ways of installing any kind of software on Ubuntu. One is by using the "Ubuntu Software Center" and other is to download the package and install it manually. Option one is commonly used by users as it is very simple and it automatically download and install the target software on Ubuntu. In the case of MongoDB both option can be used for installation.

For testing purpose I have installed MongoDB using the Software Center (you can also use apt-get command that also download and install package from Software Center). Initially it works good by using it from terminal. I can able to start and stop MongoDB and execute different types of queries. The problem begins when I try to use MongoDB programmaticaly. I cannot able to connect with MongoDB using Java and Eclipse IDE even MongoDB is running and can be used from terminal. So, I have removed all the packages of MongoDB and install it manually. After that I am able to use it via terminal as well as programmatically.

This seems to be something related to version issue as also mentioned on this link. If someone knows what is the actual reason of this different behavior on different installation options do comment here. This is what I have experienced when installing and using MongoDB on Ubuntu.


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